Renault Zoe E-Tech Electric Introducing the Renault Zoe E-Tech Electric Starting From €36,899.00

Renault Zoe – 100% Electric Car

If you’re looking for a compact electric vehicle with style, charisma and plenty of attitude to take on city life with ease, the Renault Zoe ticks all the right boxes. The new Zoe not only boasts dynamic, modern styling with beautiful contouring and bold curves, but it now has an impressive driving range of 245 miles on a single charge. With a 52kWh capacity battery and a choice of two motors, the Zoe can take on both short and longer journeys with ease. The Zoe can also be charged anywhere, anytime from a home Wallbox, public charger or DC rapid charger. The latter offers a 90-mile driving range in just 30 minutes meaning you can get back on the road as soon as possible.

Wireless Charging pad in the center console and USB charging sockets in the back for passengers.

Striking colour palette To help you stand out
Daytime running lights For the ultimate in visibility
Brand-new bumper design More aerodynamic for better efficiency
    Interior Stylish and functional interior.
    Soft-touch plastics For improved interior quality
    Recycled materials Used for added eco-awareness
    Revamped infotainment systems With smartphone connectivity