Renault Kadjar Introducing the Renault Kadjar Starting From €33,750.00

An SUV with style and charm, the new Kadjar is back with adventurous good looks and a muscular, powerful design. Rounded shoulders and an athletic stature ensure the Kadjar is ready to take on any challenge you throw its way, while large 19-inch wheels grip the road with confidence and can handle many different surfaces. Add a range of exciting diesel and petrol engines to the mix and you’ve a great all-rounder waiting to test its limits.

Hop inside and you’ll also discover an intuitive, family-friendly interior with plenty of refinement and a good amount of storage. Leather touches and a high-quality cabin finish are instantly eye-catching while advanced technology helps to keep you connected out on the road. 

New front grille Offering an eye-catching aesthetic
Shark fin antenna For additional styling
LED signature lighting For a stylish look
Height adjustment And lumbar support for drivers
Intuitive dashboard arrangement For an improved driving experience
On-board technology To help keep you safe while driving
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