Peugeot e-Boxer driving along a city street
Peugeot Boxer & e-Boxer Introducing the Peugeot Boxer & e-Boxer Starting From €33,325.00
Peugeot Boxer & e-Boxer - Starting From €33,325

Introducing the Peugeot Boxer & e-Boxer


With the transition to the latest "Euro 6" pollution control standards, the PEUGEOT BOXER renews its range.

In addition to the usual PRO and PREMIUM trim levels, "preconfigured" GRIP and ASPHALT versions as well as new equipment are appearing in the BOXER range.

Finally, this commercial vehicle offers you the freedom to choose between a diesel or electric engine.

A man loading a pallet on to a Peugeot e-Boxer
INNOVATIVE DESIGN The Boxer is available in a range of heights (H1 to H3) and lengths (L1 to L4), and trim levels, including Standard and Professional Panel Van or Window Van iterations. Twin rear doors provide 180-degree-opening (Window Van models also include a heated rear window) and a kerbside sliding door provides additional loading options. Other standard features include power-heated and adjustable twin-lens door mirrors, remotely adjustable headlights, rear fog lamps, twin reversing lights and a high-mounted brake light. Select the colour that best represents your business from a range of eye-catching solid paint liveries that come as standard, including Bianca White, Volcano Red and Clipper Blue. You can also choose from a variety of optional metallic finishes.
GREATER PRODUCTIVITY Wide load access on the Peugeot Boxer, with opening angles of between 96° and 270°, for easy loading and unloading. Swing doors of up to 2.03m in height, for a best-in-class load width between the wheel arches of 1.42 m. To make life even easier, the rear load sill is among the lowest on the market, at between 493 mm and 602 mm, depending on whether the optional pneumatic self-levelling suspension is specified
ELECTRIC DESIGN he Peugeot e-Boxer can operate in low-emission zones areas thanks to its electric motor. Peugeot e-Boxer is also available as a chassis cab. The Peugeot e-Boxer retains the powerful, robust and high-value style of the diesel versions, but comes with the exclusive "e-Boxer" monogram on the exterior to indicate that it belongs to the Peugeot full electric LCV range.
DISTINCTIVE SYMBOLS The "e" of the e-Boxer monogram is placed on both sides over the front wheel arches and identifies the full electric capabilities of the Peugeot e-Boxer.
Peugeot e-Boxer plugged in and charging
DRIVING IN COMFORT Inside the Peugeot e-Boxer, the dashboard is elegant and functional thanks to its numerous storage areas. With the integrated navigation and its 5" touchscreen, you'll enjoy: the possibility to connect up to 2 phones simultaneously via Bluetooth®. being able to enter the dimensions of the vehicle in order to avoid roads with size restrictions. Perfect for large vans or motorhomes!
UNCOMPROMISING INTERIOR The Peugeot e-Boxer offers 3 body shapes and a volume capacity ranging from 11.5 to 15 m3, with batteries installed without affecting the load space.
INTERIOR REAR-VIEW MIRROR A special interior rear-view mirror with a display allows information dedicated to the operation of the Peugeot e-Boxer to be relayed to the driver: Battery charge level in % Range in miles, Voltage in volts, Power meter, Driving mode (D, N or R).
DRIVING MODES The Peugeot e-Boxer comes with a full electric motor offering 90 kW @ of power and providing torque of 260 Nm combined with an automatic gearbox. Instead of the manual gearbox control, three buttons are used to select the vehicle's driving mode: "D" for Drive, "N" for Neutral, "R" for Reverse.
    Peugeot e-Boxer touchscreen
    Peugeot e-Boxer interior mirror
    Peugeot e-Boxer cockpit