Peugeot 408 parked in the desert
Peugeot 408 Introducing the Peugeot 408 Starting From €39,995.00

Peugeot 408


New inspirational Fastback body style. Sleek. The latest-generation PEUGEOT-i-Cockpit.

You have the freedom to choose between a petrol engine or plug-in hybrid.

A man sitting above a Peugeot 408 in the desert
Peugeot 408 Driver Assistance systems
A woman using the Peugeot I-Connect system in the Peugeot 408
Peugeot 408 charging
Peugeot 408 front grille
Peugeot 408 rear lights
FELINE STANCE The striking shape of the new PEUGEOT 408 is characterised by its dynamic inspirational Fastback stance. Its modern elegance makes it stand out on the road. With ground clearance raised but height contained, its sporty design and fluid lines emphasise its aerodynamic qualities.
FRONT END At the front of the long bonnet flanked by raised wings, the body-colour grille features the new PEUGEOT badge. The black decorative scoops surrounding the "fanglights" emphasise the robustness of the front end.
STRIKINGLY DESIGNED REAR END The inverted cut-out in the rear bumper astounds. Innovative full LED* or 3D full LED lights come on claw by claw. At the back of the roof, "cats ear" shapes direct the air flow around the vehicle for optimised aerodynamics.
NEW WHEEL RIMS With 17" to 20" the new PEUGEOT 408 stands securely on its wheels alloys, with or without inserts. The 20" wheel rims with a geometric design look amazing when stationary and create a striking visual effect at low speed.
    A man sitting above a Peugeot 408 in the desert
    Peugeot 408 front lights
    Peugeot 408 wheel rims
    Peugeot 408 in the desert
    PEUGEOT I-COCKPIT The latest-generation PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® with compact steering wheel with steering wheel-mounted controls, 3D* instrument unit with 10” digital display and 10” HD central touch-screen offers high-quality ergonomics and technology. The driving position to rival a hatchback, combined with higher posture of the new PEUGEOT 408, will make you see the road in a new light.
    TOP OF THE RANGE COMFORT In the front or the back enjoy the accessibility of the new PEUGEOT 408 saloon. Row 2 has generous space for the vest passenger comfort. On the central console, numerous storage locations take your objects and accessories.
    SERENE ATMOSPHERE Experience a new definition of well-being on board the new PEUGEOT 408 with LED ambient lighting, Focal Premium Hi-Fi system and AQS & Clean Cabin for air quality and treatment.
    ON-BOARD QUALITY Enjoy the quality of materials, the comfort of heated massaging AGR seats, and the comfort of the heated steering wheel with steering wheel -mounted controls.
      A woman sitting in the back seat of a Peugeot 408
      A woman using the navigation system in the Peugeot 408
      Peugeot 408 control panel
      Peugeot 408 FOCAL sound system
      Peugeot 408 Driving Modes
      Peugeot 408 steering wheel