NEW E-3008 The new E-3008 is coming soon with a sleek fastback SUV silhouette and next-generation PEUGEOT Panoramic i-Cockpit®. THE NEXT-LEVEL ELECTRIC SUV
E - 3008 ALLURE The new E-3008 is a new era of the electric vehicle. With its fastback SUV form, new high-tech front end with ultra-thin PEUGEOT Pixel LED Available on GT edition headlamps, and a dynamically designed rear end with floating spoiler, it embodies PEUGEOT's regeneration.
ASSERT YOUR STYLE Choose the colour that suits you from six premium colours.
EMOTION Savour an unprecedented level of serene driving pleasure with the spectacular connected PEUGEOT Panoramic i-Cockpit® and its all-new array of driving aids.
EXCELLENCE With outstanding electric performance, connected services dedicated to electrified driving and eco responsibility, the new E-3008 seduces the instant you set eyes on it.
NEW E-3008 THE NEXT-LEVEL ELECTRIC SUV Register Your Interest Today
ELECTRIC AUTOMONY unprecedented electric performance with a range of up to 525 KMS
Connected Services EV Trip Planner, E Remote Control, Smart Charging
ECO By Design Designed and manufactured in France as part of an integrated industrial Eco System