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It’s almost a year now since I took possession of my Renault Zoe 40kw QC (Quick Charge) version and I still get the same thrill from driving it today as I did on my maiden voyage out of Joe Mallon Motors back to the office in Clane - with a couple of deliberate detours thrown in along the way to extend the journey!

The decision process was pretty simple – top of the list were the significant savings to be made; not only the running costs but also, as it would be a ‘company car’, the added bonus of having no BIK to pay. Another consideration was the overall look of the Zoe, how the company logo/graphics would fit in with the overall image etc. What I got was a fun, eye-catching EV that is so easy to use – think of a bumper car at the fairground – that’s how simple it is to drive, no gears, less moving parts and surprisingly quick. Somewhere on the list was the obvious ‘helping the environment’ benefit which I’m glad to be a part of but admittedly it wasn’t a key factor.

To date, there’s just over 14,000 km on the clock which has cost a grand total of €149.51. I know, I couldn’t believe it myself - that’s a total of 894.22 kw of ‘office’ electricity used via our own charging point (approx. 22 full charges giving about 5,500 km of actual mileage) – there’s also a generous grant for a ‘home charger’ that I’d highly recommend having, more so for peace of mind than anything else - you should be availing of the extensive network of (currently) free public charging points, I certainly have!!  

A lot of my journeys are short enough hops covering our catchment area which is generally within a 30 min radius of Clane, however I have on several occasions travelled to Galway on a full charge, used a public charging point when I got there and returned home with a great sense of satisfaction at the savings made – not to mention the (up to) 50% discount on tolls!

All in all, it has been a great experience, so much so that I have ordered another electric vehicle to replace our ‘second’ car and installed solar panels to power the office/home charger, reducing costs further. She (Zoe) is booked in for her first service in a couple of weeks’ time, I doubt she’ll excite the mechanics much.

James Connolly - Capricorn Properties Ltd. Residential Lettings & Property Management      




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